Escola de còmic La Gossa

We’re Berta, Alfredo and Yuba!

La Gossa is a project that stems from our passion for the graphic arts and the eagerness to bring comics closer to everyone. Comic books have been a part of our artistic careers and we believe it is a fascinating means with which to create and tell stories.

Alfredo is an illustrator and cartoonist, he has made a number of publications and is the everyday teacher at our school. He watched The Lord Of The Rings too many times.


Berta is a graphic designer and has worked as a design teacher. You will find her at the little café corner at the school. Once, she ate a whole melon for breakfast.


Yuba is in charge of welcoming all the students and passersby to the school. She doesn’t like being asked what breed she is.

Escola de còmic La Gossa